Set up online payments

Set up online payments

GoDoChurch has the ability to connect with a PayGate account, allowing churches in South Africa to receive online payment for events. We currently do not offer this feature to countries outside of South Africa.

Please note, this feature is not easy to set up and involves a number of steps. We are working hard to allow churches to receive payments without having to set up a Paygate account. Churches can still run paid events through the system, but will need to collect payment via EFT or cash.

Because of this, we highly recommend churches to not try to connect a PayGate account to GoDoChurch themselves. If receiving online payments for events is a priority for your church, then please contact support and we will walk you through the necessary steps.


Can GoDoChurch receive tithes and offerings?
At this stage no, but we are in the process of developing some robust financial modules.


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