Creating an Event

Creating an Event


This tutorial will explain how to create and edit an event in GoDoChurch. If you have not yet read Introduction to Events we suggest you do so first as it lays some important foundations for understanding how the Events module works.


Creating an event

To create an event:

  • Open the events module from the main menu: Church Life >> Events.

  • Click New Event.



  • This will open up an event creation wizard.

  • The wizard has six pages, but only the first page is required info. So if you want to create a free event quickly you only need to fill in the info on this first screen. If, however, you are creating an event with a registration fee you will need to fill in some more info on pages 2 - 6.

  • Below is an explanation of every field in each of the six pages of the event creation wizard. Remember, only the first page contains required fields.

Page 1 (Basic and required info for your event)

Event Name: the name of the event (e.g. Marriage Course).

Tag Line:  a one-line description of the event that will show on the mobile app only.

Description: a short description of the event.

Start Date/End Date: the date the event will start and end.

Start time/End time: the time the event will begin or end.

Venue Name: The venue where the event will be held.

Geo Co-ordinates: clicking Edit will allow you to use Google Maps to select a specific address for the venue which registrants will be able to use to get directions to the event.

Page 2 (Invitation settings)

Page 2 of the event wizard allows you to create invitation-only events. If the event you are creating is an open event then simply ignore these settings and go on to page 3.

There are three ways to restrict the event: by list/s, admin level, or group/s. Restricting an event using any of these options will have the following effect:

1) It restricts who receives messages sent via the Messaging module for this event:
The Messaging module gives you the ability to send a message to all the people you have set as invited to an event.
To send an invite, simply open the Messaging module and select 'Events' on the first page, enter the name of the event and select 'All those who have not responded'. When you first send an invite "All those who have not responded' includes everyone invited. GoDoChurch will then only send a message to the people that match the restrictions you have specified on page 2 of the event wizard. So if you choose to restrict the event to only small group leaders, then only small group leaders will receive any messages you send through the Messaging module
Note: GoDoChurch does not send an invite out for you, you need to do this yourself. 

2) It restricts who will see the event on the mobile app.
Only people invited to the event will see the event advertised on the GoDoChurch mobile app.

3) It restricts who will be able to register through the online registration page.
If someone tries to register for the event through the online registration page they will get a polite message saying they are not able to register for this event.

FAQ's regarding event restrictions

  1. If I don't select any lists, or groups, or permission levels, will that mean no one will be able to register?  No, events default to 'Public' permission level when no lists, or groups, or permission levels are selected. 'Public'  is the lowest permission level in GoDoChurch. In other words, the event will be treated as an open event and anyone will be able to register.

  2. Can I restrict the event to multiple lists?  Yes. Simply tick each list that you would like to invite to the event.

  3. What happens if I combine the restrictions? The restrictions are inclusive, not exclusive. This means if you tick one list and one group type, BOTH the people in the lists AND the people in the group type will be able to register. 


Page 3 (Online registration page setup)

Each event comes with its own online registration web page - a page you can share with anyone (by copying its unique URL), allowing them to register for your event online. Page 3 of the event wizard allows you to set up this online registration page.

Reg opens/closes: the dates registration is to open and close. Users will not be able to register for the event outside of these dates.

Contact person: the person registrants can contact for info about the event.

Max people: the maximum number of people who can attend this event. Registration will close once the maximum number of people are registered.

Allow people to de-register: if this is ticked, registrants will be able to log back into the system via the online registration page and de-register themselves from the event.

Allow a person to register multiple people: ticking this box allows registrants to register other people, for example, spouses or other family members. If this is un-ticked each person will need to register themselves.

Add new registrations to your database:  If checked then people who are not in your database at the time of registration will be added to your database when they register. If un-ticked a person who registers will still be added to the event as a registrant; it just means they will not get their own profile in your database.

Activate the quick registration option: If this is unselected (the default) then registration will involve two steps: Step 1) a user logs in via the custom registration web page, Step 2) a user clicks 'register'. If this is selected registration involves only one step: people will be automatically registered when they log in through the custom registration web page. You could use this latter option if you want to speed up the registration process for a free event.

Activate public registration page: If this is un-ticked it disables your custom online registration page. Only un-tick this if you wish to register people manually through the system and not use any online registration.

Is Active:  If this is unchecked the event will be archived. Archived events will not be displayed on the mobile app. 

Coming Label: once a person has registered the system will show a 'Coming' label next to their name. If you wish to change this label to something else (eg. registered) you can specify that label here. If you leave it blank it will default to 'Coming'.

Not Coming Label: if a person de-registers the system will show a 'Not Coming' label next to their name. If you wish to change this label to something else (eg. de-registered) you can specify that label here. If you leave it blank it will default to 'Not Coming'.


Page 4 (Online registration page setup - continued)


Redirect URL: if you would like to redirect a registrant to another website at the end of registering enter that site here.

Redirect Message: if you would like to redirect a registrant to another website after registering add a little explanation here.

Redirect label: if you would like to redirect a registrant to another website after registering and you would like the button that redirects them to say something other than 'redirect' then enter it in this field. If you leave it blank it will default to 'Redirect'.

URL for events own webpage: not to be confused with your custom event registration web page. Use this field if your event has its own website that you would like to point registrants to.

Payment instructions: for paid events, this is the text that will be displayed to a user if they choose not to pay via credit card. You can, for example, put your banking details here and instruct users what to do to make payment.

Help text: This is the text that the user will see when they click More Help on the mobile app.

Send customised confirmation email: By default when a person registers for an event GoDoChurch will send them a confirmation email containing the event info, their registration info, and a digital QR code ticket for the event. If you wish, you can send a custom designed confirmation email containing custom branding and any extra info you might like to include. To activate this feature make sure the checkbox next to Send customised confirmation email is ticked. NB: you need to design this email yourself. Read this article to find out more: Send customised confirmation emails for events.

Page 5 (Add custom branding to registration page and mobile app)

Image: you have to ability to customise your registration web page with an image. To use this feature you need to either import an image (recommended) by clicking 'Import an image', or host the image online and copy the URL of the image and paste it into the URL field. Note: a custom image is not compulsory. If you chose not to use this feature we simply remove the image placeholder on your online registration page.

Icon: events you load into GoDoChurch are made available on the mobile app. You can upload an icon for this event if you so choose. To use this feature you need to either import an icon (recommended) by clicking 'Import an icon', or host the image online and copy the URL of the image and paste it into the URL field. Note: a custom icon is not compulsory, but it does make the event look better on the mobile app.

Page 6 (Advanced options)


Child care is available: if this is selected registrants will have the option of booking children in for child care during the event. If this is unselected this option is not made visible.

Cost per child: stipulate the cost per child of child care during the event (defaults to R10).

Child care label: the label used to describe child care in the registration process. If you leave this blank it will default to 'Child care'.

This event is a mission: select this if the event is a mission.

Mission phase: stipulate the phase the mission is in.

Target Metric: connect attendance at this event to a custom metric. 


Sending an invite

  • Once your event is created you will want to send an invite.

  • Here is an article that explains how to do this: Send an invite to your event.

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