Adding/Editing a registrant

Adding/Editing a registrant 

You can easily add/edit a registrant's information for an event.

  • From the Events/Conference Management page, click the Registrants button next to your event. This will bring up a list of everyone who has registered for the event.

  • From this page, you can either click the Action button next to a registrants name and then click Edit or you can click New Registrant at the top. Either way, the same process applies.

  • The following pop-up will appear:

  • If you are adding a registrant start typing their name into the Add New Registrant field. GoDoChurch will auto-suggest people for you. If you are editing a registrant then you can simply ignore this field.

  • Choose Registration Type: Here you can change the type of registration with which the user is registered.

  • Mark person as paid: If checked the person will be marked as having paid for the event.

  • Email Google form: check this if you want the person to receive an email with the Google form link. This should only be ticked if you need to send the form again. If the person has already registered they will have already received this email.

  • ​​​Allow to manage attendance: If this is ticked then this person will be able to manage this events attendance register on the mobile application.

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