Event Registration Types

Each event can any number of registration types. For example want to charge for an event and having the following pricing structure. Students - FREE, Single - R100, Married - R150
  • Using admin.godochurch.com go to the Event/Conference Management page
  • Click the "Actions" button next to the event and choose "Registration Types"
  • The following window will open

  • All the currently set registration types will appear in the window.
  • you can edit an existing type by clicking the "edit" button or add a new one by clicking "New". Either way you will be taken to a screen similar to this one.

  • The following settings apply to a registration type
  • NAME: A short name describing the registration type
  • COST: How much will it cost
  • CURRENCY: What is the currency that this registration type uses
  • Tick the check box to ensure that this type of registration type requires a payment. If you do this the user will then have option to pay via credit card if you have enabled your credit card payment gateway.
  • When you are done click "OK"
  • Once you are finished setting up your registration types click "Send Updates to Server." This will configure your event for the registration types you set up.

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