What new features have you added recently?

18 November 2016

With this update we launch three new exciting features:

1) We have made it really easy to track who your members are.

2)  We have added a brand new Staff module.

3)  We have also launched an entirely new kind of database specifically designed for regional administrators.

Let's look at each in turn.


Track membership:


We have added a new drop-down field on the Basic Info tab of each profile which allows you to set a person as a Visitor, Congregant, Member, or Staff.

This gives you a quick and easy way to see whether a person is a member of the church or not. If you need to see a list of all people who are members you can run a search from the Search module. More info here.


Staff module:


We have added an entirely new Staff module that allows administrators to capture critical staff info such as employment dates,  marriage licence expiry dates, and insurance info. To use this module, simply mark a person as Staff using the new membership status drop-down in Basic Info. If a person is marked as Staff a new tab will appear in their profile titled ‘Staff’. From here you can add all sorts of important staff info.


A database for regional administrators:

GoDoChurch has always had the ability to link multiple churches together into an organisation. But we also understand that most of our users don’t need these kinds of features, so to simplify the user interface we have taken all features that relate to organisation level databases and moved them into a new kind of database specifically designed for administrators who oversee a group of churches. 

If you would like more information about how to set up an organisation level database, please contact our support team at support@godochurch.com

7 September 2016


This is a major update to GoDoChurch. We have added three new modules, and we have also totally re-designed the Profile module, all of which combine to make managing and communicating with your church even easier. This is what you should look out for:


The new Profile module


We have added a set of tabs to the profile view, allowing you to easily see and edit which ministries, groups, and lists a person is a part of. We have also completely redesigned the address, family, and account view, making it more intuitive and easier to use.


The Growth Path module

Every church has a set of events or activities that they recommend their congregation participate in to help them grow in the Lord. Well, you can now craft a growth path specific to your church's needs and then keep track of how individuals in your church are progressing. You can access and edit this information either from the Growth Path tab in a profile, or from the Growth Path module. Read more...


The Ministries module


This module allows you to manage the ministry teams serving in your church. New features include: keep track of who is leading the ministry; easily send messages to everyone in a ministry; link a news channel to a ministry so all new members automatically receive relevant info. Read more...


The Church Roles module

Not every church role can be described as a ministry. We created Church Roles to help you organise and communicate with your pastors, board members, admin team, or any other group of people who don't belong in the Ministries module. Roles can be set at a local or organisational level, making regional communication a breeze. Read more…

NOTE: If you are currently using the Lists module to keep track of your ministries and church roles you will need to manually move those lists over to the new Ministries and Church Roles module. The same applies if you are using a list to track a growth path.

We would love to hear what you think about these new updates! Drop us an email at support@godochurch.com.


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