Adding people to your database by using database features

Adding People Manually to My Database


When you don't have a list of people that you want to add by importing the list, then you will have to manually add people. The system caters for a few ways for you to do this:

  • Quick Add function: This option is great if you don't have too many people. It allows you to comb over your smaller list of data once again and make sure it's correct. 

  • Follow up record— Capture a person’s info via the Follow Up module.

  • The Subscribe to the Announcements news channel - An ideal way to have the large part of your church add themselves to the database without creating accounts for them.

  • Sign up for an event/Register for a course — When you have a church-wide event or course you can have your members register for the event through GoDoChurch.

  • Have your congregation use the Mobile app to add or update their profiles on your database - We do not recommend churches new to GoDoChurch use this option. Only use this route when a) your database is running really well, and b) you have thought through how to out-roll the app in your context.

    If you are uncertain about which option to use in your context, send us an email at and we'll gladly help you decide.

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